Don't you tell her how I give you something that...
posted 2020-05-18 22:29:51 never even knew you missed.

Today I went for a quick, little walk to my friendly neighbourhood dispensary to pick up some more CBD oil when I noticed that someone had left a sticky-note on my neighbour's door. It was an unsigned complaint about their crying baby. During my entire venture, I couldn't stop thinking about the note and how awful those people would feel upon receiving it. So, as soon as I got home, I wrote my own little post-it telling my neighbours that I live right next door and they should not worry about the noise at all as it must be stressful enough without getting passive-aggressive notes. And I told them that I hope the baby is healthy and I wished them the best.

Was that meddling? Was that an okay thing to do? I just felt so bad for them and I want them to know that they have someone in their corner.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just over-thinking it now, but I know I would appreciate something like that were I in the same situation.

Anyhow, in other news; I have been crazy horny this weekend. And I feel severe exhibitionist urges.

I haven't seen the Maestro since Friday night and clearly I need to.

This distance is hard to deal with. And I'm not feeling the urgency at the moment. Which is what I think is the biggest thing weighing on my mind currently. So, when will it all finally start falling into place?

This can only go on for so long. Right?

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