Well I'm fucked I guess...
posted 2019-01-31 19:55:40

So my mom is renting a room in her house to two tenants who are my younger sister's friend (the one doing primerica).

So problems occur and the tenants do not pay on time. They cover a part of the mortgage payment. Because of them mom pays her mortgage pay late. So I find out and drop 1,200 to cover when they pay large so she won't pay late.

They continue to be late even when they are reminded to pay. So I go and tell my mom look I can't pay and cover like this anymore. I'll move in. So she said "ok, I want them out how does February sound.?" I was like. I'll keep the apartment until March so I can get both the apartment and mom's house organized.

So mom told the tenants she wanted them out and gave them 60 days as required by law. Over the course of the past month they didn't even bother to even look like they are moving out.

So I said look this needs to get sorted. So even if it takes another two weeks I was cool with it. They just need to be out.

So my sister does this thing were they talk, without asking me she goes ahead and gives them until April to move out. She did not discuss this with my mom or me. So she is out 1000 because she is going to pay for them, then complains that she pays the most in the mortgage (and is therefore in charge). Meanwhile the house is falling apart, and needs repairs. Dom and I are pissed because duh, you tell one thing then another, and meanwhile I find out my mom is using the money I gave her to buy food for herself.

I really do not want to see them anytime soon.

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