posted 2020-11-15 06:01:28

When I was at work yesterday and it finally quiet and I was concentrating on finishing a task, I heard a sound of a single engine airplane. It's usually far away and can never tell where it is but I can always hear it. I have always heard that airplane ever since I can remember. I remember hearing that distinct sound when I attended a funeral when I was a kid. Yesterday I found myself saying that will probably be the last sound I will hear when I die. Maybe I said that to myself because I always heard that sound when I have been depressed.

Who knows what life has stored for me, I never imagined having this life that I have now. It's not that I hate this awesome life that I have but it's something that I never imagined. I always imagined kids, house, career, wife and lots of travelling. I traveled and moved at the same time. 1999 version of me would have not envisioned this life for 2020 me and I wonder if 1999 me would have liked what 2020 me is. Looking back, maybe getting fat would have sucked but I am trying to fix this again.

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