posted 2019-03-24 12:07:15

Just had the most realistic dream about my ex.

Probably due to the fact that he recently friend requested me on Facebook again. This time I did accept it. Had a conversation about how my dog is doing. Didn't ask about my other dog that passed though... Which leads me to believe that maybe he's been checking in on me.

I was also briefly talking about him to a friend Friday night.

It was kind of a sex dream...or rather an affair dream as I was married in the dream as well. B was in the dream while I was with him as well. Super weird. It pretty much ended with him saying he wanted me back and me saying you fucked up.

I went to Facebook to reread my convos with him and I'm reminded why it didn't work.

Plus he has not aged well in 7 years. His eyes look weird.

Ah, well...onwards and upwards!

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