Whoís your daddy?
posted 2020-11-18 12:59:54

Spent the night at 1ís Place. She has noise problem too. Two of them moved out but were replaced by one super annoying bitch, weíll save her for last.

She lives next to a police station so thereís tones of sirens and protests which doesnít bother me.

the apartment across from her heís pretty quiet except when he smokes weed and coughs. Occasionally he has friend over and is Drunk/loud on the balcony but thatís rare.

One guy who moved out blasts his music in his truck but he has great taste in music and shuts it off pretty quick so he gets a pass.

The other people who moved were these teenage girls who would sit outside in the parking lot and talk loudly.

Thereís two old women who do this too.

1ís next door neighbor tv is too loud and she stays up late.

Thereís a family in the houses next to her that have get togethers that devolves in to a shouting and fighting every other Sunday. Iím surprised the police donít intervene.

Last but not least is this bitch that moved in two months ago. She talks loud, blasts Whitney Houstonís ďI will always love youĒ as loud as party neighbors shit rap music. She also sings on the balcony and that heffa canít sing for shit.

And last night she had VERY loud sex. 3-4 times between 9-12pm. I t was weird it never seem like she came. Her moans would escalate and when I thought there would be the cum mean she when silent for a minute then would start back up...

Any ways The first two times I didnít here the dude at all then they went to the balcony to talk super loud then they had sex again. She wasnít as loud or enthusiastic the 3rd time but there was definitely spanking. then silence then 30 minutes later then dude starts screaming in pain super loud for like 2 fucking minutes at like midnight.

Maybe they were doing some bdsm shit?

Then like 5 minutes after that another couple in the building got into a heated argument because the gf thought he was cheating and wouldnít let him in.

I LOVE couple arguments!!! Itís like live reality tv!!!

I think Iím over City life. Or atleast need a fucking break. Time to move back to the sticks.

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