posted 2018-11-22 09:23:13

A few things to be thankful for:
My job. I am great at it and always succeeding in it. I am so proud of what I do and what my company stands for.

My home. It has all of my possessions in it, its safe, and i love it. I have a huge backyard for my pups to run around in it.

My friends. I has taken me a few years, but i have truly found a group of women who lean on each other, are there for each other, all judgements aside, we love to travel together, and we understand each other to make one another stronger and a better person.

My significant other. He is truly a rock for me. He is extremely nerdy, loves video games, is a larger homebody than i am, is intelligent, caring, and one of the most honest people ive truly ever met. He is happy with his life but is completely fine when i need a change, when i want to go travel, or try something new. Its amazing how different two 7000ft p two people can be that still let each other grow.

My car, Madonna is an awesome car, 100% reliable, no issues, has taken me on soo many roadtrip in the last 2 years.

My family. Aalthough we dont really have a thankful for what ive learned from them growing up and in certain situations.

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