posted 2020-05-29 01:34:39

got back to keto and fasting last Saturday 5/22 weighed in the next day fasted around 249.6 if I remember correctly. shooting to get back to 199. today has been a hard day. No real work that had to be done so I basically didn't do anything but drive to a couple properties and look at them. hot as hell outside, most things are still closed, couldn't kill time or energy at the gym, nothing else seemed like something I wanted to do. I am eager to get back into my gym routine. overall I had a really good start, most of the days have been a breeze. I quit my diet soda, quit dairy, drink lots of water, walk often, and have been trying to get together with friends more than I have before. Prozac seems to be working. I really want to get back to my yin yoga as well, no idea when that will open back up. I've been keeping my calories super low, I broke 2000 calories yesterday, but before that it's all been below 1600. I should probably up that. I'm trying real hard to not weigh myself except on Saturdays. super excited to see what progress I've made Saturday.

we are also supposed to hang with my family at my parents house this weekend which is exciting. oh I also quit drinking for awhile again.

next month we are planning on driving to Arkansas, the fiancee hasn't had a real American road trip before, trying to think of what we can do along the way to make the trip worth more than just visiting my dad. we will probably stay at a brothel in Vegas, maybe drive the strip at night? I don't think I've actually done that before. maybe we can take the north route instead of south. idk at least gas is cheap.

I want to keto for three months or so and then switch over to a less restrictive diet. this has been my plan almost Everytime I start keto though, so we shall see.

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