posted 2019-04-11 09:33:29

Started 80mg of prozac and what do you know, I've been in ketoish diet for ten days, back in the gym, walking my pup, I feel almost returned to normal. And yet, there's still some part of me that wonders if it's really the prozac, how crazy is that? I wish I could just fully accept prozac and never question it again.

I have a counseling appointment today, not really sure what I'll talk about, maybe about the feelings toward prozac, or how I feel with my puppy. She's home all day, typically crated cause she seems to be more calm that way when I come home, less anxious, then I come home after typically 6 hours sometimes 7, at most 8, then we go outside and play with all the various balls in my back yard. We typically play for 10-30 mins, til she is panting and seems ready for a break. Then I'll go inside, maybe shower, cook some food, watch some TV, then I don't really know what else to do, I can't leave cause then she's just home alone again which doesn't seem fair, most places I go I can't take her, and leaving her in the car doesn't seem any more fun for her. Also leaving her in the car in summer isn't possible. So then I just sit around the house on my phone watching TV trying not to chew too much nicotine him or eat shitty food. I've been taking her for long walks at a local park/nature area, we will be gone for like an hour and a half. I can't do that every day though.

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