posted 2019-02-10 14:17:34

I suck at chess. I keep playing but I'm really bad, I am better at solitaire.

My birthday is coming up, amor got together my friends and family for a brunch at an awesome place down town. I'm excited for that. I'm also excited for this rain to fuck off, but at least I won't have to hear about the drought all year.

I started a Roth IRA today. Just having it and putting small amounts in it makes me feel good. I have so many places I need to put money, and not enough money to fill them all lol. But I'm widdling down my debts and probably in the next two years I can have them paid off and be debt free, unless I buy a house in which case I will only have the mortgage. Paying off these debts is the biggest thing on my mind. Not only reducing the amount of money I must spend each month but also eliminating the money I've wasted on interest. Anyway, I'm actually in a really good spot right now financially which is awesome.
Work is going pretty good too. I'm considering starting another business and maybe in the future combining them.

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