posted 2019-02-04 23:00:36

So the governor of my state evidently has a picture in his medical school yearbook, 30 some years ago, of a guy in blackface standing next to a guy in full Klan hood, and he's evidently one of those two guys (he refused to specify). Now this is a total dealbreaker for a democratic politician in this year of God-Emperor Trump 2019, so despite actively working for his election, he's got to go.

I was pretty ok with this, as the Lt. Governor, who I also campaigned for, is a 39-year-old African American lawyer, married to a dentist, who... oh shit. evidently, prior to his marriage, he sexually assaulted a woman, 15 years ago.

Third in line of succession is the Attorney General, who i've been in the same room with before, solid enough guy, looks kind of like Richard Gere, sort of, and I have this SNL style skit in my head where they're all seated at the same table, and first the governor, citing the blackface reasons, resigns, deferring to the LG next to him, who citing his sexual assault allegations, who resigns, deferring to the AG next to him, who looks startled and announces that there are multiple tapes of him from last September, of him sexually assaulting women while in blackface.

The Aristocrats.

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