Itís been 3 years
posted 2019-03-02 21:15:17

Itís 2:07 AM. My brain somehow just remembered this website when I was trying to sleep and now i am here typing. I donít know how to react. Iím laughing right now looking back on my younger self. I still see familiar names which I remember years ago still posting which iím shocked but glad. Itís so weird being on here again. I wish i stuck to journaling because it did help. I have matured so much since I last came in here. I am now in college trying to make something out of my life. I am good and healthy which is all that matters though. Iím even surprised I remember my password to this lol.

I will probably never come back here again unless I get this sudden rememberance of this website which iím trying to figure out how this memory came back into my brain lol. If you see this then hi. I wonder if anyone remembers me but probably not as my active time on here was short lived. Reply if you do please haha

Going to sleep now, you will be surprised what your brain can keep in store. Stay healthy and safe,

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