The universe has a sick sense of humor, just like me
posted 2019-01-05 00:05:36

I had such a good time with my friend tonight. I have the warm fuzzies. Itís totally platonic because he is gay ... he is masculine, so to the outside world it looks like we are dating when we go out but we are not dating.... we both love dick and I donít have one. Why do I torture myself?

He makes me laugh so much. We have the same stupid sick sense of humor. It is fun just hanging out with him watching TV. We are like peas in a pod. How is it possible to get along so well with someone? I feel so cozy at his place and never want to leave. Sigh.

When I was in the hallway getting ready to leave, he said wait and came super close to me while I riffled through my purse to find my keys. He was in my periferal vision and I thought maybe he wanted a hug or a kiss but I just turned and way . I feel bad for not giving him one. Iím a dork.

The sad part is that he is moving soon .... there will be a big hole in my heart.

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