And I hate to fade alone. Now there's only M.E.
posted 2021-03-04 04:23:54

NP: Gary Numan - M.E.

I re-enrolled and started taking classes this year, working towards an IT degree. It seems to have stopped the "I don't know where my class is and I haven't done homework all semester and my life is fucked" nightmares. I was extremely worried they would increase - something I don't think I could handle. They've been plaguing me for years now. Apparently, taking direction and responsibility was exactly what I needed, surprising literally no one.

I've obtained my first ever stretch marks. What I was originally worried might be a bacterial infection turned out to be some nice stripes on the inside and bottom of my thighs. I have one pair of sweats and one pair of trousers and nothing else fits. This is fine, since I don't go anywhere. The fact that I might be able to go somewhere in the near future is seriously clashing with the final form of my alcoholism and social withdraw. The deadline for turning this around is approaching.

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