posted 2018-12-14 04:30:59

January 1, 2020 is when I plan to walk away from everything if my situation hasn't improved by then.

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the best of fschmidt:
posted 2018-12-13 18:19:09

"My personal view is that America is one of the world's most dysgenic societies, so the sooner it collapses, the better for the human gene pool."

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The Gospel of M.E.:
posted 2018-12-13 01:19:17

i want to butch about my gf but Iím so fucking over it and her stupid as friend

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posted 2018-12-12 13:41:03

Had my last nursing final, went ok.

my polycule is having some difficulties because one of my partners is having some issues and going to AA - these were known- but my other partner feels that there are a lot of red flags and wants to pull back.

maybe not wrong, but i'm not feeling it.

//anyhow, Obelhofsky is flying me to thailand tomorrow so we and other people can nerd around, and I look forward to it.

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YngMadeline: Ride or Die
posted 2018-12-10 22:43:22

Do you know what's harder than supporting your best friend through a completely rare, totally unexpected relaspse of her childhook cancer? Supporting her through the first year of remission.

Do you know what's harder than being in the hospital room when your best friend's doctor inelegantly tells her she has cancer? Reading a chat bubble where your best friend tells you she wished she had declined treatment.

Do you know what's harder than explaining to your husband that although you are on a mini vacation together, you are sad because the hour before you left for it your best friend was diagnosed with cancer and that's why you have to talk to her throughout that weekend? Not knowing whether or not to tell your husband that your best friend regrets living.

So hi hatelife, that's why I'm back.

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Cage: Flashing Back
posted 2018-12-10 12:04:37

There was a guy on twitch live streaming himself driving drunk. I watched the replay video this morning. It ended up with him crashing his car and I read in the comments there ended up being some fairly serious injuries and this guy could face some jail time. I share this because what this guy did and how this guy looked when he was driving was probably not far off from some shit I did about 2 years ago. Black out drunk, leaving a holiday party, driving like an idiot. Thankfully and luckily I made it home in one piece and without a DUI. I wasn't unscathed though. I parked my car the wrong way on my street with 2 wheels up on the curb. I have memory flashes of backing up to fast in the parking lot, jumping the curb and knocking over a parking sign. I'm sure I was swerving, checking curbs left and right. I think back on it and I was so incredibly amazingly astonishingly lucky that night. Something in the universe was looking out for me in that moment. After that I went sober for 3 months. Boom. Cold turkey. I drink alcohol again. But I will never drink and drive again. No fucking way. I should have died that night. I could have killed someone, killed myself, ruined my life. Most people don't get second chances. I cashed in my one get out of jail free card (no pun intended) and I don't intend to waste it.

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posted 2018-12-07 19:30:19

I think itís narcissistism... it could explain everything heís done.

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posted 2018-12-04 10:31:35

I got hit with $600 in bills today from all the testing I had to get after the assault. And thatís just from the lab that did the testing. I havenít gotten the bill from my doctorís office yet. Itíll probably be at least another $300. The lab said I could do a 6 month payment plan. It still just doesnít feel fair though. I feel like it cements in the idea that this was my fault.

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posted 2018-11-26 22:55:49

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posted 2018-11-22 09:23:13

A few things to be thankful for:
My job. I am great at it and always succeeding in it. I am so proud of what I do and what my company stands for.

My home. It has all of my possessions in it, its safe, and i love it. I have a huge backyard for my pups to run around in it.

My friends. I has taken me a few years, but i have truly found a group of women who lean on each other, are there for each other, all judgements aside, we love to travel together, and we understand each other to make one another stronger and a better person.

My significant other. He is truly a rock for me. He is extremely nerdy, loves video games, is a larger homebody than i am, is intelligent, caring, and one of the most honest people ive truly ever met. He is happy with his life but is completely fine when i need a change, when i want to go travel, or try something new. Its amazing how different two 7000ft p two people can be that still let each other grow.

My car, Madonna is an awesome car, 100% reliable, no issues, has taken me on soo many roadtrip in the last 2 years.

My family. Aalthough we dont really have a thankful for what ive learned from them growing up and in certain situations.

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