posted 2020-09-20 18:02:46

called in because I'm so beat up after switching day / night shift so much I'm starting to get sick

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posted 2020-09-20 13:40:16

If my company ever allowed me to work remotely on a permanent basis, I would be out of this unlivable shithole location within a week of the announcement. I've got a new car and roughly $100k at my disposal. All I need is the guarantee of a steady income and I would have no reason to live here anymore.

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posted 2020-09-20 01:47:26

Because we are living in a world of fools.... breaking us down, when they all should let us be.

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posted 2020-09-19 23:08:12

Mitch McConnell is long over due for a bullet to the head. Liindsey graham, Jeff Sessions, and trump too.

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posted 2020-09-19 09:02:41

ding dong another witch is dead. now trump can appoint a true social conservative to the bench.

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echoes: 12  uly 1984
posted 2020-09-12 00:17:36

And Kie h Alban stood b  the door, scanning the  ar. Déjà vu, déj  vu.

Everyt ing was underlit. Bars were as a rule a ways dark bu  this  ar  as too dark  This  ar looke  like it was  oin  fo  a *mood*. Kieth h  ed mo ds.

Th re was   live ban  b  rin   orr bl  live  hree-cho d n is .  he pla e  a   hick wi h  e  le   r t o ma   p o  e   r   T urs     ig t  an  ng,   mpi   i t  h r, maki g he  wa   to c   int  t em  it  t e b ade sh 'd  r ug   i   a e IB  J  es   r  d   t        us  a ot  r f   k.    e th      t   y Bre    h d  e t     e   T   on  w        ep   l       is    e i  o   s    d an  w    g    on  i     n . T   on  w      l t    b          e    d a    u      i   - i    h   - n     a    l e              a  s     h          h        d                 K      r             rs                s         i               t 

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monstrosity: today
posted 2020-09-10 00:14:19

Today is a good fucking day.
Because I got my hair to part the right fucking way.
So today is a good fucking day.

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posted 2020-09-08 23:50:55

How the fuck do I always forget my passwords?


It looks like the fucking end of times outside. The haze is a solid orange and visibility is low. We don't even have a fire nearby but there is still ash on our cars and the constant smell of smoke when we step outside.

Living in the valley means everything gets trapped right here with us. The heat, the smoke, all of it.

Summer has always been my least favorite season and now with three digit days turning into weeks and fires trapping us inside until fall... Well, it's this time of year that California sucks.

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posted 2020-09-06 15:42:17

If most of the morons who take the vaccine die of it, this could have a really positive eugenic effect on humanity.

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s n a p s:
posted 2020-09-03 11:42:01

We are pretty isolated, still, beyond going to the grocery store or seeing a select few families for outdoor playdates. This past weekend we went to the shore, though, the boardwalk, and even my husband was weirded out by all the people crowded around the rides. It's been so long since we saw actual crowds. I'm trying to cling to outdoors events for a bit because in only a few months it'll be too damn cold and being stuck inside isn't good for my mental health.

Our house has a big backyard and play equipment, so there hasn't been a need for playgrounds. But a few days ago I decided we could visit one of the kid's old haunts. It's been 6 months. All of the sudden my kids look huge compared to the equipment. The oldest is the size of a teenager even though he's recently 10- my daughter has lost all chubby toddler hood and is just a kid - and my nearly 4 year old is daring, he's doing things he's never done (fireman pole, climbing to the top of the rock wall) and as we drove home he asked, "Mom? Want to know my favorite place in *the whole world*???" "Where, honey?" "THE PLAYGROUND".

Man. Simple pleasures, right?

Of course things still feel weird. It's not perfect. Our state was hit so hard so fast people haven't forgotten just how quickly it can all go downhill. I have a lot of Jersey pride for only being a resident for two years.

I'm really anxious and worried about the future. I believe we are screwed no matter what happens with the election; I'm not saying I don't care who wins (because I care very much) but I just fear the reaction from the opposite side. I'm trying not to stress on things out of my control - and focus on the here and now - and trying to remember 90% of Twitter is bots (or whatever the latest results show) and that Reddit is full of trolls and bought accounts and that the majority of people are good kind people who just want to protect their family and community but it's pretty easy to spiral, isn't it?

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