posted 2018-04-21 14:03:15

I just unfriended Mike on Facebook and Snapchat and unfollowed him on twitter. I'm going to move on. Or at least start trying a little harder.

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Death By Snu Snu: Been Ages.
posted 2018-04-20 13:52:08

Hahaa, I forgot about this place. Stuff has happened. The ex-friend is still a mentally fucked up sociopath, sadly. She's still spreading rumors about me, and saying the gross things she did, I did. Yeah, no. I'd never ask her for pads, she doesn't use the ones I need to use. XD*** Yet she'd be asking me and my mom all the time, because she'd be buying Doc Martin boots and spending her money on Tim Horton's coffee and other shit that doesn't matter, so she'd end up without much food, so she'd be asking me, my mom or the boyfriend at the time for help and money, and also transportation fees. She's apparently 'allergic to gluten', yet she was apparently 'fucked over by someone' so she can't get her special dietary allowance. Oh well, shouldn't have eaten something with gluten in it. Should have paid attention. LMFAO

Was harassed and abused by tenants in my building, were only there a year. Were forced out by the abusive tenants, now have to live with someone else while we try and find a place, but been looking for over half a year. No idea what makes me think I'll find anything NOW, ffs. Oh well. Still going to keep trying, anyway.

Single now, by choice, fuck all that shit right now. I've got myself to concentrate on. For once. lols x.x; Been single now for just over a year, now. It's odd because I'm seriously not even used to being single. xD I suppose it's a good thing. A fresh new look at things, perhaps. Finally thinking for myself without being tied to someone who will eventually get possessive and controlling, because for some reason that's always fucking happening. o.O

I'm 31, going to be 32 May 20. Eh, it'll probably just be another day to me, like it has been for what, 5 years now? T__T Oh well, such is life, I suppose.

I'm getting so much harassment from people, all because I won't tolerate bullshit. I've had 4chan posts attacking me posting my Facebook profile. I've also had my pictures stolen and edited to make me look like a whore, which, thankfully, I'm no where close to being. I've got so many people making up lies upon lies about me, it's actually quite hilarious. They're obsessed with me, so I FUCKING OWN THEM. >=) All I do is tell the truth while people are lying about me, manipulating my friends and turning them against me. I really wish I knew how to fucking hack, because I'd really make them suffer. XD**** But I don't. =( Eh, I'll just continue to let them make fools of themselves. While they're obsessing over me and making up lies, I'm sitting here moving on with my life, laughing at them and proving their lies are a joke.

I FUCKING CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER. Our weather here in Hamilton, Canada is fucked up. On and off snow, nice warm weather, more snow. Cold days, warm days. MESSED UP. I'm just hoping my birthday is at least nice. Like it has been the past five years or so. ^__^

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the best of fschmidt:
posted 2018-04-19 17:56:52

"America really was a pretty good country overall until the second half of the last century. I would gladly live in that country. But America today is almost worthless."

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posted 2018-04-17 03:00:42

current crush level: listening to her entire collection of online self-recorded music

we're planning a date for saturday, so i just have to not screw this up before saturday, and then obviously she will fall in love with me forever

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posted 2018-04-17 00:54:02

So this morning, up at the other end of the county, in the redneck rivera resort town / retired cop&firefighter community, there was some drama today as somebody in a late model pickup threw a bags weighted with birdseed and containing a bunch of Klan propaganda fliers into people's yards.

Bunch of places in the exurban DMV have been selected for this treatment in the last couple of months. Probably one or two people, but fuck those people.


Today, I filed my taxes. Kind of late in the game, but so it goes in my family.

Dr. H. died. He was a urologist, an older man, but not that old, black, would drift onto the ward holding a cup of coffee and make rounds and would always make time for people to ask him questions. He went through a lot of CT scans with me.

On CT scans, calcium shows up as white. and there'd be all these white dots in people's pelvises. And its localized vein calcification, which happens to everybody as they age, and especially to people who don't take care of themselves. So take care of yourself and maybe your pelvic CT won't look like a picture of a spiral galaxy.

So he very suddenly died.

My submissive is having a rough time, she needs a medical procedure with this cyst in her back and they'll probably need to put her under, but she needs someone else to take her home / do wound care (totally my bag, all over that) but timing is an issue. And her son, who is 17, is too young to have her released into his care, so I'm trying to figure out my schedule, but she's got it. Her dad (according to her, he's basically the old man from UP) will sign her out, son drives her home, I do wound care.

so in modern America, with all it's poly glory, how do you explain yourself to a 17 year old? Especially since you're basically an idiot man child yourself? and you're his mother's ummmm.... gentleman friend?

You talk about how he's joining the military. That's exactly what you do.

//best bit of gossip. so he'd had this girlfriend for a while. And had been trying to break up with her for a while. And she drug him back in, really wanted him back.
And he hung out with his guy friend and said well, she must really like me, she gave me this *garment* (sweatshirt, hoodie, hell, I don't remember) and his friend, who things haven't been close with in a while said, yeah, you've been wearing that a while uh, that was mine, I gave it to her.
Which was the least of it. His friend says I uh, have something else. Pulls out his phone, and shows him a selfie of his girlfriend. Nude. Boobs out. And this selfie is taken in his mother's bathroom.

This would be the mother I'm um, doing weird kinky shit with.

so he's aghast, and drops her like a hot brick.


and this brings us into the new favorite age of polylandia.

Cheating on people is wrong and you shouldn't do it. Not everyone can or should handle multiple relationships. Don't lie to people. Don't hurt them. If you think they're the type of people who are going to be hurt by people like you, ask about it and then STAY THE FUCK AWAY.

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posted 2018-04-05 23:40:55 boyfriend has cancer.

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posted 2018-04-05 21:56:38

Finding myself fantasizing about this super right-wing blue collar older dude at work. Heís super sarcastic and rough around the edges and yet seems rather enamored by my cheerful, slightly left leaning demeanor. I only see him rarely, if at all, because we work nowhere near each other but if we are in the same building we tend to gravitate toward each other. Today I intentionally visited his complex for a confidence boost and he perked right up and was all charming smiles as soon as he saw me. Kinda nice! There is probably a solid fifteen year age gap between us and Iím pretty sure heís a (young) grandfather, but omfg I have had some hot daydreams about him. If I was single Iíd take that shot for sure, but doesnít seem worth it at this point in my life. The fantasizes are top notch though!

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the escapist:
posted 2018-04-04 22:10:42

It's been awhile.

I'm almost 30.

What the fuck happened?

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king M.E.: Yay capitalism
posted 2018-04-04 15:28:43

Mad layoffs have gone down. My old boss was fired On Monday...they just axed 80% of accounting, finance and billing today.

If they could fire the director and manager in my department thatíd be great.

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posted 2018-04-03 02:17:54

Todayís the first day of my career they flew someone in for me to yell at.

Boy, this merger is going to be fun.

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