M.E. 2020: Is this your king???
posted 2020-12-03 18:22:00

Ms one drive is shit and google sheets is shit.

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posted 2020-12-01 08:05:24

I had a moment I hadn't felt in years. The Dom, the little one and I snuggled up like a big family.

All was well that day.

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topavia 2019: finders keepers
posted 2020-11-30 12:51:47

a boat washed up onshore at my office today. the storm last night blew the heck out of our Christmas decorations too. apparently in the world of shipwrecks it is, in fact, finders keepers.

i think i would like a relationship. iím not sure why; something just feels right about this chapter. timing and chemistry are all my brain accredits to the recipe of love. my friends want to introduce me to a new man; heís definitely handsome. at issue is my lifelong rule of tainted fish tainted pond. he already ďhooked upĒ with a friend. and my brain immediately labels him as a tainted fish. like, if you werenít good enough for my friend, you are not good enough for me. this rule has drastically reduced my dating opportunities in this very smallish city. iím wondering if i need to relinquish that one rule. the rule is not reciprocal; meaning when i stop dating someone and later on i see them with a friend, my immediate thought is - good for him, he found a nice girl. i know Iím not chopped liver, so this thought process is a little fucked.

also, i suck at cutting people off. i keep getting sucked in by diver and the coastie. both are equally as toxic in polar opposite ways for me. i think it highlights my character flaw of wanting to win. my dysfunction of only walking away when i know i have the ability to go back is next level bullshit. closed doors are where itís at, yet here i am leaving those bitches wide open and letting those vibes of uncertainty eat my lunch.

now iím hungry.
happy holidays hatelife friends.

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posted 2020-11-30 04:41:07

Not going to wait until the new year to start eating better. I'll be starting my diet a month early after feeling guilty about eating like crap over the Thanksgiving holiday. My dad getting not one, not two, not three, but FOUR large pies last week didn't help.

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posted 2020-11-30 00:38:17

Now I understand what you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free
They would not listen, they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

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posted 2020-11-29 18:46:38

If Biden wins, all freedom will be extinguished and I will leave America.

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posted 2020-11-26 06:38:55

Looking back through the journals to find my alts I came upon this and thought, Bound is so me it HAS to be my username. I guess I was right, and also that nothing has changed

Or really everything changed, but then it cycled right back to where I was before.

I was using another alt for a while but then I realized I was using real names when I started it. Yikes!

Anyway... hi hatelife.

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UnhappyCamper: Hot mess express
posted 2020-11-25 22:10:13

Sometimes I wonder why Iím even still here. I stg heís a great talker. And makes things sound so good. Man oh man do I love him tho. 😩 it makes me really sad sometimes.

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posted 2020-11-24 00:55:31

A's rotator cuff surgery was a week ago. She's miserable.

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posted 2020-11-23 19:24:26

0 = minutes i will be spending with the in-laws on thursday

best thanksgiving ever coming up!

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